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Visualizing Density's Data

May 01, 2015

by Jess Forde

What do we know about Density’s data?

CUIT has supplied us with our data set. We receive device counts from specific routers aggregated into 15 minute intervals

Devices connect to...

DevFest 2015 - It's a Wrap!

Feb 15, 2015

by Emily

Thanks for joining us at DevFest 2015! As you may know, DevFest is an annual week-long hackathon where ADI introduces computer science to first time programmers and challenges more experienced...

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Jan 29, 2015

by Angela Wang

DevFest season is always an exciting time for ADI. Despite the snow, the cold, and the countless lines of code we have to write for our CS classes, it’s the...

Learning From Both Sides of the Table

Jan 28, 2015

by Anshul Gupta

DevFest 2014 was the first of many things for me: it was the first time I ran a python-powered localhost on my computer, it was the first time I saw...

What is DevFest?

Jan 27, 2015

by Dan Schlosser

Every Spring, ADI throws our biggest event of the year: DevFest. Already know you want to attend? Great! Registration is open now; we’ll see you January 31st!

If you...

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ADI: A Year in Review

Jan 03, 2015

by ADI

125+ ADI-hosted events for Columbia students. 400+ students at the Startup Career Fair. 500+ DevFest hackers and learners. 22 student developers building awesome apps in ADI Labs. 45,000+ page...

1000 Facebook Likes Big Giveaway!

Nov 21, 2014

by ADI

Hello ADI!

We recently hit an exciting historical milestone for the ADI Facebook page, 1000 likes! To celebrate this occasion and to thank all the members of the ADI community...

QuickBits: Diving into iOS Development

Nov 20, 2014

by Eunice Kokor

We’ve all got busy schedules, so sometimes we just need a quick summary of an event (while you were probably checking Buzzfeed anyway!) Here’s what went down at the iOS...

A Short Primer on Net Neutrality

Nov 18, 2014

by Justin Chiang

There is an interesting debate happening in America.

On November 10, President Obama urged the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, to take strong measures to protect net neutrality. Three days...

Ask ADI: Tech Recruitment Advice

Nov 04, 2014

by ADI

With tech recruitment in full swing, we know that many of you are scrambling to snag that hot internship at Facebook. With that in mind, we asked people who’ve been...