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ADI is a student group at Columbia that aims to foster a community of students interested in technology.


Cookies and Code

Join us every Wednesday night and become part of the Columbia tech community in the most delicious way possible! Bring your friends and eat home-baked cookies, play games, and code.

Wednesday, December 7


Lerner Satow Room


How to Build a Telegraph

Thursday, December 8


Hamilton 303

Cookies and Code

Wednesday, December 14


Lerner Satow Room

Cookies and Code

Wednesday, December 21


Lerner Satow Room

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From our Blog

Visualizing Density's Data

May 01, 2015

by Jess Forde

What do we know about Density’s data?

CUIT has supplied us with our data set. We receive device counts from specific routers aggregated into 15 minute intervals

Devices connect to...