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The Application Development Initiative seeks to nurture student creativity and technological aptitude by creating a community and resources for student developers of all talents and interests.


Columbia Creates: Build Apps with JavaScript

Columbia Creates is a program to get Columbia students at all levels of experience making apps together. This talk features JavaScript, a powerful tool for making websites interactive!

Tuesday, Sep 23


Hamilton 302


Columbia Creates: Build Your First Web App (Part 1)

Wednesday, Sep 24


Hamilton 602

Cookies and Code

Wednesday, Sep 24


Lerner 5th Floor Satow Room

Columbia Creates: Coding to Learn

Thursday, Sep 25


SIC House Basement (619 W 113th St)

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And... We're Back!

Sep 16, 2014

by Angela Wang

Hello ADI!

We’re so glad to be back and so happy that you’re taking time out of your hectic lives to join us at the events we’ve held these past...