Learn to Code

There are tons of different technologies out there, each of which has its own tutorials, documentation, and community (good or bad). ADI has done the hard work of tracking down the best resources, summarizing each technology, and identify critical concepts based on goal so that the only thing standing between you and the implementation of your idea is a little bit of learning and hard work.

DevFest Curriculum

DevFest is ADI's annual week-long workshop series and hackathon. The workshops at DevFest cover Python, Flask, APIs, HTML, and CSS.

First-time programmers should follow the Codecademy Python Track, and first-time app builders should follow the Introduction to Python Programming and the Accelerated Introduction to Web Development.

ADI-Developed Resources

Over the course of multiple years of holding student-run workshops, ADI has developed a large number of resources itself, on a wide variety of topics. See resources written by ADI members highlighed with a gear ().