ADI Labs


ADI Labs is your opportunity to learn everything you can’t learn in class, from software engineering to UI/UX design. At ADI Labs, you will build real projects like Density that you will ship. Along the way you’ll receive personalized mentorship from peers that have real world experience working at various companies. You’ll also join an awesome community of builders that love to bring ideas to life as well as have a good time doing so.

As a member of Labs, you’ll learn to contribute to open source projects and to take your programming beyond problem sets. Paired with one of our student mentors, you’ll learn software engineering techniques used in industry.

How it Works

We work on projects over the course of the semester in small teams, meeting every Friday for 4 hours. Each project receives a product manager that helps the team with design and development to achieve what they want to achieve. Additional mentors will be present during weekly sessions to hold workshops and answer technical questions.


Spring 2017 applications are due at 11:59pm on Monday, January 23rd. Click here to apply!

Just getting started in terms of programming?

Learn to Code

What We Offer

Thoughtful mentorship

What does good mentorship mean? To us, it means pushing you to learn what you didn’t think you could learn. It means supporting you when you are stuck trying to implement that tricky feature. It means making sure that you are doing what you want and learning exactly what you want. It means giving you the best resources out there for the problem you are trying to solve.

Learning by doing

We believe that the best way to really learn to build something is to, as Nike says, just do it. We believe in diving head-first into hard problems and not holding your hand all the time. ADI Labs is all about hands-on building, so if that excites you, this is the place for you.

A community of driven people

No one wants to be surrounded by slackers. ADI Labs is a community of motivated individuals that are not here to just fool around. They are here to learn how to build the next Google. At the same time, we believe in building friendships.

Who We Are Looking For

Below is a list of roles that are available at ADI Labs. If you’re interested in more than one, it is possible to have a hybrid role.



We are looking for developers who feel comfortable working with the various components of the web stack. They are expected to follow good design patterns, to participate in code reviews, and to adhere to the timelines set by the product managers. If you have not taken a programming course or have never programmed before, we recommend that you check out the other resources ADI has to offer first before applying to Labs.


All mentors should be comfortable with at least one major web development framework (Flask, Ruby on Rails, etc.), and at least one summer of industry experience is recommended.

Product Managers

As a product manager for Labs, you’ll work with a group of students to manage the agile development of a web app over the course of a semester. You’ll be responsible for helping them collaborate properly with Git, learn and use frameworks, and think about product design.

Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant for Labs, you’ll hold office hours during part or all of the weekly Friday sessions. You’ll be responsible for assisting students with tricky feature implementation and debugging, as well as conducting code reviews.


Check out some current and previous ADI Labs projects!


    Using Wi-Fi data acquired thanks to the help of Engineering Student Council and CUIT, we are able to estimate how full certain areas are. What this means it that now you can check if Butler is full without having to actually go to Butler! Density updates every 15 minutes.

    Courses (retired)

    Courses by ADI is a course scheduler for Columbia students. Orginally developed in 2011 by ADI's founders, Courses was retired in 2015 in favor of Vergil, the best schedule builder at Columbia. Vergil was designed in partnership with ADI, and is maintained by CUIT.


    Eventum is the content management system that powers, driving the events, blog, and Google Calendar. Eventum will allow student groups to better organize their events at Columbia, while reducing the organizational effort needed.


  • Am I qualified enough to be a part of ADI Labs?

    If you’re planning on writing code during ADI Labs, you should be familiar with data structures and have some experience building web apps or mobile apps. You'll have to use Python or Javascript with a framework like Flask or Express and be able to build a website using one of them. In deciding projects, we will try to put you on a project that matches your skill level. Most importantly, we are looking for strongly committed participants.

  • Is ADI Labs the same as ADI Committee?

    Nope. ADI Labs is separate from ADI Committee but there are a ton of folks in both. Labs is hosted by ADI and its organizers are on the Committee. Labs is about you learning and building cool stuff whereas Committee organizes events for the student community. If you’re interested in joining Committee, sign up for the ADI Newsletter on

  • When does ADI Labs meet?

    Every Friday from 2-6 pm. You are expected to attend all of these meetings.

  • Where is Labs located?

    In the basement of the SIC House located at 619 West 113th Street. You’ll need to be a CC or SEAS undergrad to access it. If you’re a BC, GS, or graduate student, let us know and we’ll make provisions to sign you in.

  • How much of a time commitment is Labs?

    Labs is a serious time commitment, like taking an additional class. We expect members to spend 4 hours on Fridays working together in groups, but this is the bare minimum. To get the most out of Labs, you should put in time outside allotted hours working.

  • I don’t have time to join Labs this semester. When can I join next?

    That’s alright. ADI Labs holds applications on a semesterly basis. To stay up to date, you can sign up for the ADI Newsletter at